Tour #7

Azores Island – Faial/Pico & Terceira

Tour #7

The Azores have received several nominations, distinctions and recognitions by multiple organizations, entities and publications, by its natural heritage, being distinguished as a Nature Destination of excellence.

Faial is the meeting point for sailors and travelers who are looking for silence and beauty.

Horta is known for being the most cosmopolitan city of all islands mostly because of its marina and the history associated to it. Sailors from all over the world passed here!

Pico, which you can see from Faial, is where you’ll find the highest point of Portugal (2350 m). The “Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture” was classified as World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2004 for its uniqueness. The volcanic rock walls are exceptionally displayed to protect the vineyard form wind and seawater. Due to the characteristics of the rocks, the heat from the sun is absorbed and is then passed to the grapes creating the distinctive taste of the Pico “Verdelho” wine.  If you would put the tracery shaped walls in a straight line, it would extend twice around the equator (the largest extension of rocks worldwide).

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