Tour #6

Algarve – Faro & Olhão

Tour #6

Trying the Algarve’s regional cooking is a must for any visitor to the region. Rich in flavor yet simply prepared, its cuisine, like everything in this region, has its origins in distant times and customs and has absorbed various influences.

Fish and shellfish naturally play a starring role in the cookery of a fishing area facing the Atlantic. For this, the finest recipes come from fishermen who, across the centuries, have perfected the art of preserving the sea’s natural flavors – grilling seafood slowly over charcoal. But wait, there is more. There are many recipes in which seafood is deliciously combined with aromatic herbs, spices and other ingredients. The most famous of these is the dish, Amêijoas na Cataplana – clams prepared in a deep copper pan of Arabic origin with a hinged and sealable lid, particularly good at preserving the dish’s flavors and aromas. However, the sea is not the only strong influence. The inland areas provide the Algarve’s cuisine with marvelous recipes using farm produce, wild plants and meat from the mountain pastures as their stock ingredients. Internationally renowned, its sweets are to die for!

No one can resist the taste or appearance of these heavenly confections of almonds, figs, oranges and carob, all cultivated in the Algarve, blended together with eggs and sugar. Its famous Medronho brandy – distilled from the arbutus berry – belongs to the same magnificent tradition, as do its fruit liqueurs and regional wines. It is an immensely rich legacy, increasingly available for your enjoyment in restaurants and traditional bars throughout the region.

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